SORTING : Bubble Sort, Selection Sort, Saker Sort, Insertion Sort, Shell Sort, Quick Sort, Heap Sort, Merge Sort, Radix Sort.

Searching: Sequential Searching, Hashing Stacks and Queues, Linked Lists

Binary Tree : Insertion, Deletion, Traversal

Graph : Representation, Transitive Closure or path matrix, Graph Traversal, Shortest path problem, minimal cost spanning tree, Backtracking and greedy algorithms.

Matrix Operations: Strassen’s Matrix Multiplication, LU decomposition matrix, Sparse matrices.

Algorithms and its Efficiency

Hash functions, collision handling techniques, array representation, evaluation of expression in Postfix form, Infix to Postfix conversion.

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Errors in Numerical Computation.: Their types, analysis and estimation, numerical instabilities in computation.

Solutions to Transcendental and Polynomial equations: Bisection method, secant method, Regula Falsi method, Newton Raphson method for polynomial equations.

Solutions to System of Linear Algebraic Equations.: Cramers rule, Gauss elimination method, Gauss Jordan method, Triangularization methods- Gauss Siedel method of iteration.

Interpolation and Approximation.: Linear interpolation and high order interpolation using Lagrange and Newton Interpolation methods, finite difference operators and interpolation polynomials using finite differences. Approximations- least square approximation technique, linear regression.

Numerical Differentiation.: Methods based on interpolation and finite differences.

Numerical Integration.: Trapezoidal rule, mid-point method, Simpsons 1/3rd and 3/8th rule.

Solutions to ordinary differential equations .: Taylor series method, Picards method of successive approximation. Eulers method, Eulers predictor and corrector method. Runge Kutta method for 2nd and 4th order. Initial and boundary value problems.

Numerical Optimisation.: Golden section search, Brents method, minimisation using derivatives, introduction to linear programming

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Materials for resistors: Carbon, wire wound, film etc., conductors and switches, electrical conductivity of alloys, colour code for resistors, elastic and plastic deformation of solids, strain hardening, brittleness, fibre structure and directional properties, annealing, hot and cold working, soldering, brazing and welding process and materials, fluxes.

Semiconductors: Conduction process in semiconductor, electrical conductivity of p and n type semiconductors, diffusion process, pn junction and current flow in pn junction., breakdown in pn junction, hall effect and its measurements. Crystal growth ( especially epitaxial growth ) and I.C. fabrication. Materials for photoconductive, photoemissive and solar cell.

Dielectric properties of insulators: In static fields, polarization and dielectric constant. Dielectric constant of gases. The internal field in solids and liquids. Spontaneous polarization, ferroelectric materials. Types and values of condensers, temperature compensation, electrolytic capacitors. Insulators – dielectric properties, permitting polarization, dielectric loss, non linear dielectric material, piezo electricity, ferro electricity, breakdown of solid insulators.

Magnetic properties of materials: The magnetic dipole moment of current loop, diamagnetism, origin of permanent dipole moment in matter. Paramagnetism, ferromagnetism, hysteresis, spontaneous magnetisation and Curie- Weiss law. Ferromagnetic, ferrimagnetic and anti-ferromagnetic materials and the effect of hardening.

Components: Resistors, thermistors, varistors, selenium surge suppresors, variable resistors, potentiometers, variable capacitors, characteristics of capacitors, inductors, transformers for If and Hf applications, relays, fuses, characteristics, heat sink materials, switches, connectors.

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Linear graphs: Introductory definitions, The incidence matrix A, the loop matrix B, relationship between sub matrix of A and B. Cutsets and cutset matrix, Fundamental cutsets and fundamental tiesets, Planar graphs, A and B matrices, Loop, node, node pair equations, duality.

Network Equations: Time domain analysis, first and second order differential equations, initial conditions, evaluation and analysis of transient and steady state responses to step, ramp, impulse and sinusoidal input functions.

Laplace Transform: It’s applications to analysis of network for different input functions described above.

Network Functions: Driving point and Transfer functions. Two port networks, open circuit and short circuit parameters, transmission parameters, hybrid parameters, chain parameters, interconnection of two port networks, cascade connection, series and parallel, permissibility of connection.

Representation of Network Functions: Pole, Zeros and natural frequencies, location of poles, even and odd parts of a function, magnitude and angle of a function, the delay function, all pass and minimum phase functions. Net change in angle, Azimuth polynomials, ladder networks, constant resistance network, maximally flat response, Chebyshev response, calculation of a network function from a given angle and a real part, Bode method.

Fundamentals of Network synthesis: Energy functions, passive reciprocal networks, the impedance function, condition on angle, positive real functions, necessary and sufficient conditions , the angle property of a positive real function, Bounded real function. Reactance functions, Realisation of reactance functions, ladder form of a network, Azimuth polynomials and reactance functions. Impedance and admittance of RC networks. Ladder network realisation, resistance inductance network.

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Application of diodes as rectifiers: Filter analysis and specifications of the devices and components required for C, L, LC, CLC & RC filters. Single and double ended clipping circuits, clamping circuits.

Bipolar Junction Transistors: Introduction to biasing, modelling, Derivation and analysis of different types of transistor models, viz. h-parameter model, r-parameter model, hybrid pi model, high frequency model. Analysis of biasing circuits, fixed bias, collector to base bias and voltage divider bias. Calculation of stability factors. Thermal stabilisation and compensation, thermal runaway. Amplification, derivation of expressions for voltage gain, current gain, input impedance and output impedance of CC, CB & CE amplifiers.

Field Effect Transistors: Characteristics and coefficients, biasing circuits for FET amplifiers, AC equivalent circuit of FET. Derivation of expressions for voltage gain and output impedance of CS, CD & CG amplifiers. BJT as a switch Analysis in transient and steady state. Design of CE and CS single stage amplifiers. Designing using data sheets of appropriate components.

Voltage Regulators: Analysis of Zener, Series and shunt type of regulators.

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Complex Variables: Functions of complex variables, continuity(only statement), derivability of a function, analytical regular function, necessary condition for a function to be analytic, statement of sufficient conditions, Cauchy Riemann equations in polar co-ordinates. Harmonic functions, orthogonal trajectories, Analytical and Milne Thomson method to find f(z) from its real or imaginary part. Mapping- conformal mapping, linear and bilinear mapping with geometrical interpretations.

Fourier Series and Integrals: Orthogonal and orthonormal functions, expression of a function in a series of orthogonal functions, sine and cosine functions and their orthogonality properties. Fourier series, Drichlet conditions, periodic functions, even and odd functions, half range sine and cosine series, Parseval’s relation. Complex form of Fourier series, introduction to Fourier integral, relation with Laplace transform.

Laplace Transforms: Function of bounded variable ( statement only ), Laplace transforms of 1, at, exp( at ), sin( at ), cos( at ), sinh(at), cosh(at), erf(t), shifting properties, expressions with proofs for L { t f(t) }, L { f(t)/t }, Laplace of an integral and derivative. Unit step functions, Heavyside, Dirac Delta functions and their Laplace transform, Laplace transform of periodic functions. Evaluation of inverse Laplace transforms, partial fraction method, Heavyside development, Convolution theorem. Application to solve initial and boundary value problems involving ordinary differential equations with one variable.

Matrices: Types of matrices, adjoint of a matrix, inverse of a matrix, elementary transformations, rank of a matrix, linear dependent and independent rows and columns of a matrix over a real field, reduction to a normal form, partitioning of matrices System of homogenous and non homogenous equations, their consistency and their solutions.

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(For semester I and semester II)

Fitting: Use of setting and fitting tools for chipping, cutting, filling, marking, Center punching, drilling , tapping, die threading.

Carpentry: Use and setting of hand tools like hacksaws, jack planes, chisels and gauges for construction of various joints, wood turning, modern wood working methods, joining methods.

Welding: Use of welding machine. electric arc welding, edge preparation for welding, types of joints, Sheet metal working and brazing: use of sheet metal working hand tools, cutting, bending, spot welding and brazing.

Forging and Smithy: Use and setting of hand tools such as hammers, chisels, flat and swages, use of hearth, anvil etc. Machine tools and machining processes: Lathes, milling machines, drilling machines, grinding machines, operations such as turning, milling, grinding and drilling.

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AC Circuits: Sinusoidal voltage and current, waveforms, RMS and average value, form factor, crest factor, frequency, periodic time, behavior of resistance, inductance and capacitance in AC circuit, RLC series and parallel circuit, phasor diagram, resonance, bandwidth and quality factor.

Polyphase Circuits: Three phase system of voltages and currents, star and delta connection, balanced three phase circuit, relationship between line and phase currents and voltages, phasor diagram, power in three phase circuits, measurement of power by one wattmeter, two wattmeter and three wattmeter methods.

Transformers: Construction of single phase transformers, function and working principle, development of equivalent circuit, phasor diagram, O.C. and S.C. tests, efficiency and regulation, all day efficiency, condition for maximum efficiency.

Semiconductor Electronics: PN diode construction, characteristics, effect of temperature on diode, rectification using diodes, C, L, LC and PI filters. BJT construction, characteristics, CE, CB and CC configuration

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Flow of control in Pascal, the compound statement, the iterative statement, conditional statements, unconditional branching, avoidance of unconditional branching.

Structured Data types, Arrays and multidimensional arrays, Packed arrays, records and sets.

Functions and Subprograms, parameter passing.

Debugging and testing, documentation and maintenance.

Problem design methods, Top-down modular programming.

Additional Data structures, pointers, linked lists, list representations, node, operations on a linked list, binary search trees, searching the tree, operations on a tree.

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Report Writing: . What is a report, qualities of a report, formats (letter report, memorandum, book report)

Reports. Informative report, analytical report, feasibility report, survey report, current event report.

Project. Practical session, topics to be assigned to group of students for report writing and presentation in class.

Meeting Documentation. Writing of a notice, agenda and minutes of a meeting.

Special types of exposition:

a) Description of objects.

b) Explanation of a process.

c) Giving instructions- oral instructions, written instructions

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