Web Technologies


1.1 HTML & Graphics: HTML 4.0 Tag Reference, Global Attributes, Event Handlers, Document Structure Tags, Formatting Tags, List Tags, Hyperlinks, Image & Image map, Table Tags, Form Tags, Frame Tags, Executable Content Tags.

1.2 Image Maps, Advanced Graphics, Tables, Frames, forms & Style Sheets.

ELJO: Chapter 2.


XML: Introduction to XML, Problems with HTML & SGML, Types of XML Markup, Document Type Definitions, Linking, Using Style Sheets with XML, XML Summary.

ELJO: Chapter 3.


3.1 Introduction to Java Scripting, Web Browser Object Model, Manipulating Windows & Frames with Java Script. Using Java Script to create smart forms.

3.2 Cookies and State Maintenance: Maintaining State, Introduction to Cookies, Advantages and limitations of Cookies, Disadvantages of Cookies, How to Use Cookies, which Servers and Browsers support Cookies.

3.3 Introduction to DHTML. Advanced Netscape DHTML, Advanced Microsoft DHTML & Cross browser DHTML.

ELJO: Chapter 4, 5


CGI & Server side scripting, CGI & the WWW, Beyond HTML with CGI, How CGI works? CGI Server requirements for WINDOWS-NT & UNIX, CGI script structure, Standard CGI Environment Variables, CGI Libraries, Java Servlets, Server-Side JavaScript.

Web Database Tools, ORACLE & MS-ACCESS, Database tools, PHP, Server Side Includes, Visual Basic, Scripting Edition & Active Server Pages.

ELJO: Chap. 6.


Using Java Tools:
Input & Interactivity with Java
Graphics & Animation
Network Programming & Security.

(Thorough familiarity & Knowledge of Java Programming is assumed, only web- applications to be emphasized) ELJO: Chap 7


Apache Web Server, Server Side programming, Security Issues. Ref: Web Design the Complete Reference by Thomas Powell.


1. ELJO: Using HTML 4, XML & JAVA by Eric Ladd & Jim O’Donell. (Platinum Edition) (PHI)

2. PERL & CGI by Elizabeth Castro (Pearson Education Asia)

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