4.1. Operating Systems & LINUX, History of LINUX& UNIX, LINUX Overview, Shell: Bourne, Kron & C-shell, File structure: Directories & files, Utilities: Editors, Filters & Communications. RP: Chap.1 Pages: 3 to 11.

Installing LINUX: Hardware & Software Requirements, Creating LINUX partition, creating Install Disks, Installing Open LINUX System, Network Configuration, Final Configuration, Installing LILO. Installing & Configuring X-Windows.

RP: Chap.2 Pages 21 to 52

LINUX Startup & Setup: User Accounts, Accessing Your LINUX System Starting & Shutting Down, Login/Logout, LINUX Commands, Installing Software Packages, Remote communications, Modem Setup, Internet Connections with Modems: pppd & ezppp, XFMail, X-Windows & network Configuration.

RP: Chap.3 Pages: 57 to 100.

Windows Managers & Desktops: X-Windows: Windows, File & Program Managers, Starting & Exiting Window Managers & File Desktops, System Configuration Tools, Windows & Icons, Xterm, X-Windows Multitasking

RP: Chap.4 Pages 107 to 116.

Shell Operations: The Command Line, Standard I/O & Redirection, Pipes, Shell Variables, Shell Scripts, User defined Commands, Jobs: Background, Kills & Interruptions. Delayed Execution.

RP: Chap.5

Unit V

LINUX File Structure: LINUX Files, File Types, File Classifications: the file & od commands. The File Structure, Home Directories, Path Names, System Directories. Listing, Displaying & Printing Files. Ls, cat, more & lpr commands. Managing directories: mkdir, rmdir, ls, cd & pwd. Nested directories. File And Directory Operations: find, cp, mv, rm, & ln.

RP: Chap.6

File Management Operations: Displaying File Information: Ls -l, File & Directory permissions: chmod, Setting Permissions: Permission Symbols, chown & chgrp. Mounting & Formatting Floppy Disks, Mounting CD-ROMs, Mounting Hard Drive Partitions: LINUX& MS-DOS. The fstab file. Lisa and fstool, NFS and /etc/exports, NIS, Archive Files and Devices: tar, Xtar. File Compression: gzip, Installing Software from Compressed Archives: .tar.gz, Downloading Compressed Archives, Compiling Software, The mtools Utilities: msdos, Dos & Windows Emulators: DOSemu, Wine & Willow.

RP: Chap.7.

Internet Servers: Starting Servers, Server init Scripts, inetd Server Management, FTP Server, The Apache Web Server.

RP: Chap.12 (pages 451 to 477).

Remote Access: TCP/IP Remote Access Operations: rwho, rlogin, rcp, and rsh, TCP/IP Network System Information: rwho, ruptime, and ping, Remote Access Permission: rhosts, Remote Login: rlogin. Remote File copy: rcp, Remote Execution: rsh. Unix-to-Unix Copy: uucp and related commands.

RP: Chap.13

Compilers & Libraries: gcc, g++ & gdp.

RP: Chap 23


6.1 Shell Programming. The Bourne Again Shell. The Vi editor. (The vi editor Commands to be covered in practicals)

RP: Chap15 & Chap 17

6.2 System Administration

RP: Chap 19

6.3 Network Administration.

RP: Chap. 20

6.4 Configuring the X-Windows System.

RP: Chap21.

Main References:

WS: Operating Systems (Second Edition) by William Stallings. (PHI).
AG: Operating Systems by Achyut Godbole (TMH)
RP: LINUX The Complete Reference (Second Edition) by Richard Petersen (TMH)
MM: WINDOWS 2000 -A Beginner’s Guide by Martin Mathews (TMH)

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