Advanced Java – II

Unit IV

Java Beans. Java Beans component model. Bean development environments. Using the Sun Bean Box. Creating a Java Bean class. Exploring indexed, bound and constrained properties. Adding custom event types. Creating Java Bean class with events. Supplying additional Java Bean information. Providing a custom property editor. Creating a Java Bean class with Bean Info class. Creating a Java Bean class that uses the Bean Context API. EJB overview.


1. Code: JPAT. (Ch. 15).
2. Code: J2CR. (Ch. 25).
3. Code: LJ. (Ch. 19).

Unit V

Network Programming. Working with URL’s. Working with TCP/I and, Data gram sockets. Developing a remote class of objects, developing RMI client and server classes. JNDI, Java IDL and CORBA.

Java Client side programming. Applets. Using the java. Applet package. Extending the Applet class. Ticker message applet. Adding sound and images to applets. Understanding applet security issues. Signed applets. Permissions and policy files. Packaging applets in jar files.


1. Code: JPAT. (Ch. 16,14).
2. Code: J2CR. (Ch. 18).
3. Code: LJ. (Ch. 11,20).

Unit VI

Java Server side programming. Servlets. Building a dynamic Web site. Understanding the http protocol. Writing servlets. Servlet API. Writing servlets to receive requests and send responses. Guidelines for server driven Web sites.

JSP. Server processing of JSP’s. Java programs in JSP’s. Applying MVC principles using JSP’s and Java Beans.

JDBC API. Loading database drivers. Establishing a database connection. Issuing dynamic SQL statements. Processing a Result Set.


1. Code: IJS. (Ch. 3-5).
2. Code: J2CR. (Ch. 27).
3. Code: JPAT. (Ch. 17).

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Additional References

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