Bachelor of Fine arts (B.F.A) Dance

Bachelor of Fine arts (B.F.A) Dance
Minimum Admission Requirement

The First year (part-I) examination for the three year integrated

B.F.A (Dance) will be conducted by the University and no candidate will be admitted to the examination unless he/she has kept, two terms in an Institution recognised for the purpose by the University of Mumbai, subsequent to his/her passing the two-year Foundation course in Dance, or the Higher Secondary Certificate Examination of the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary/Higher Secondary Education or an examination recognised as equivalent thereto. Notwithstanding anything contained in O. performing artists satisfying the minimum conditions for admission to the two-year Foundation Course in dance as laid down in O. will be admitted directly to the three year integrated B.F.A. degree course in Dance subject to a preliminary test of proficiency to be administered by the Institute concerned.

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