Numerical Analysis with “C”


1. Iterative methods. Methods of Bisection, False position method, Newton Rap son method, Secant method, Method of Successive approximation method.

2. Solution of simultaneous algebraic method.

3. Gauss elimination method, method of pivoting.

4. III conditioned equations, Gauss – seideliterative method.

5. Comparisons of direct and iterative methods.


6. Interpolation: Forward and Backward differences, difference table, Newton Gregory forward interpolation formula, truncation error in interpolation.

7. Least square approximation, linear regression, and polynomial regression.


8. Numerical Integration.
8.1 Trapezoidal and Simpson’s rules.
8.2 Errors in integration formulae.

9. Numerical solutions of ordinary differential equations. Euler’s method, Ruge Kutta method of fourth order.

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