Robotic manipulation: Automation and robotics, classification, applications, specifications, notations.

Direct kinematics: Dot and cross products, co-ordinate frames, rotations, homogeneous co-ordinates, link co-ordination, arm equation, (Five-axes robot, four-axes robot, six-axes robot), direct kinematics.

Inverse kinematics: General properties of solutions Tool configuration, five-axes, three-four-axes, six-axes robots (inverse kinematics). Workspace analysis and trajectory planning work envelopes and examples, workspace fixtures, pick and place operations, continuos path motion, and interpolated motion, straight-line motion.

Robot vision: Image representation, template matching, polyhedral objects, plane analysis, segmentation (thresholding, region labeling, shink operators, euler number, perspective transformations, structured illumination, camera calibration.

Task planning: Task level programming, uncertainty, and configuration space, gross motion, source and goal scenes, task planner simulation.

Moments of inertia.

Principles of NC and CNC machines.

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