BASIC LANGUAGE & AUTOMATA THEORY : Review of finite automata, regular sets, Context-free grammars & languages, Moore & Mealy state machines, thier capabilities & limitations. Deterministic & Non-Deterministic FSM’s, Push-down stack & memory machine. (PDM)

TUNING MACHINES : Recursive languages, Turing acceptors, techniques for Turing machine construction, Church’s hypothesis, Turing machines as generators, variations & equivalence of Turing machines.

UNDECIDABILITY : Universal Turing machines, undecidability of the halting problem, and undecidable problems about contextfree languages.

THE CHOMSKY HIERARCHY : Grammars and their rel ations to automata, relations between classes of languages, LR(0) and LR(1) grammars , parser construction.

CLOSURE PROPERTIES OF FAMILIES OF LANGUAGES : Abstract families of languages, language operations, closure and decidability properties.

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