Low and High frequency analysis of BJT and FET amplifier circuits.

Analysis of: RC coupled amplifiers Cascode Amplifiers, Darlington pair and DC amplifiers. Design of two stage RC coupled amplifier.

Feedback Amplifiers: Introduction to negative and positive feedback, current, voltage, series and shunt feedback. Its effect on input impedance, output impedance, voltage gain, current gain and bandwidth.

Oscillators: Positive feedback, oscillators using feedback principle. Derivation for frequency of oscillation and conditions for maintenance of oscillations of ( i ) RC phase shift ( ii ) Wien Bridge ( iii ) Tuned collector / drain ( iv ) Tuned gate ( v ) Hartley / Colpitts ( vi ) Crystal Oscillators.

Analysis of Differential Amplifier: Discrete components, operational amplifiers ( ideal ), Basic Op-Amp circuits. Relaxation Oscillator and Linear Sweep Circuits. Analysis of large signal amplifiers: Class A, B, AB and C. Design of audio frequency power amplifiers of class A and class B type.

Special Devices: Photo sensitive devices, display devices and Schottky diode.

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