Basic Anatomy of Computers: Components of computer systems, IBM compatible PC

Introduction to operating systems: Need for an operating system, internal commands of MS- DOS, external commands. batch files, introduction to system software.

Introduction to Lotus 1-2-3: Worksheet usi ng keyboard with 1-2-3 basic skills, using 1-2-3 menus, commands indicating range of cells moving pointer, constructing blank forms, changing entries in the cell, sorting the worksheet, using formulae, keyboard macros.

Pascal Programming:

Introduction to computer programming, steps involved in computer programming, the problem definition phase.

Algorithms ,developing algorithms, efficiency of algorithms

Simple Pascal-concept of data types, the standard scalar data types, additional scalar data types, names in Pascal, scalar variables.

Elementary Pascal programming, arithmetic expressions, use of standard functions, boolean expressions, the assignment statement, input and output, structure of a Pascal program.

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